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So that we may respond effectively, to an electrical, plumbing or heating related emergencies, the names and service telephone numbers are provided to you in your Homeowner Orientation documents. Before calling for help with an emergency, please review the appropriate electrical, heating, or plumbing sections in these documents or your Homeowner Manual to determine if something very simple can resolve the problem. We urge you to double-check and confirm that you have a true emergency. Calls placed to the Trade Contractors that are not emergency, may result in a service charge to you. Click the community below to download a list of emergency numbers:

Chestnut Crest
Logan's Reserve
Maple Ridge
Osprey Landing / Creekside
Pearman's Overlook
Shipley's Crossing
Tameron Woods
Towns at Mt. Airy

Valid Emergencies Include:

Electrical Emergencies: An emergency exists when there is a critical malfunction in the electrical system. Please do not call unless you have checked to ensure that all circuit breakers in the main electrical panel are in the "ON" position and that there are no power outages elsewhere in your neighborhood. Also check your GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) reset buttons.

Plumbing Emergencies: An emergency exists if your home is completely without water or if all toilets are stopped up. Federally mandated “low-flow” water conservation toilets often result in stoppages. You should first use a plunger and verify that no obstructions are lodged in the toilet itself. As long as one working toilet is available, your service call will be handled during regular business hours.

Heating Emergencies: An emergency exists if there is no heat anywhere in the home. Please note that air conditioning failure is not considered an emergency unless there is a health threat to someone in the home; otherwise, such problems will be handled during regular business hours.

NOTE: You were given a list of house specific Trade Contractors involved in the construction of your home in your Homeowner Orientation package. Please refer to this list if you are not clear about who to contact.