Grayson Homes
Post Settlement Orientation

After you move in, you may notice issues in your home that have been previously overlooked. We have found that most cosmetic issues will be noticed in the first two months and in an effort to provide exceptional service, we schedule your Post-Settlement Orientation before you even move in! Prior to settlement, your Settlement Coordinator will schedule a Post-Settlement review date and a Post-Settlement work date. We do all this upfront so you can have the peace of mind to know that Grayson Homes will be there for you after you settle on your new home.

On the Post-Settlement review date, our Production Supervisor will create a list of issues with you, determine warrantable from non-warrantable items and to organize the list by responsible Trade Contractors. This initial inspection usually takes one hour. The second date is the day the work gets completed. You should plan to be home for the entire day. All work will be done during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To Request Additional Service

Should you require additional service beyond the Post-Settlement Orientation, please fill out the “Service Request” form found in your Homeowner Orientation documents or send a written request to the address under contact warranty.

First, make sure that the item in question is covered by the Limited Structural Warranty and is not a maintenance item. You can refer to the booklet provided to you during the settlement process to identify which items are covered during the appropriate period of time (one, two, or ten years). Many appliances and other products are also protected with manufacturer’s warranties. Their toll-free hotline numbers are in the manufacturer’s warranty materials you received at the Homeowner Orientation walk-through or provided with your settlement documents.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

Please take time to read the literature provided by the manufacturers of consumer products and other items in your home. Although much of the information may be familiar to you, some points may differ significantly from homes you have had in the past. Additionally, you should activate specific manufacturer’s warranties by completing and mailing any registration cards included with their materials. In some cases, these warranties may extend beyond the first year, and it is in your best interests to be aware of such coverage.